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Valencia TMJ Therapy

TMJ treatment, referred to by some dentists as TMJ therapy, includes many options. The first step is to relieve the pain with the application of mouthguards, also known as dental splints. The next step in TMJ treatment is to apply bite therapy principles and tools to analyze the cause of the misalignment or stress that is causing the problem. If necessary, a routine of jaw exercises will be created to eliminate the clenching or grinding that is contributing to the stress on the lower jaw.

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Signs & Symptoms

• Facial pain
• Earaches or ringing of the ears
• Dull, chronic headaches
• Jaw locking
• Clicking or popping sounds in the jaw joint
• A bite that feels uncomfortable or “off”
• Neck, shoulder and back pain
• Swelling on the side of the face

Laser Therapy with TMJ

Between 5-12% of people in the United States experience pain associated with TMJ disorder. Until recently, it was typically treated with injections, physical therapy, night guards, and anti-inflammatory medications that could have side effects when used over long periods of time. Now there is an effective therapy with the use of EPIC laser technology. EPIC pain therapy gives you a reason to smile.


EPIC Laser Pain Therapy elevates skin temperature to temporarily relieve minor pain.


A standard procedure is only 10 minutes for each site treated. A short series of 2-6 treatments is common.


EPIC provides a therapeutic way to temporarily relax the muscles and temporarily reduce your pain.

The Fast and Effective Solution

The EPIC works as a topical heating device that helps to temporarily increase your blood circulation as well as to temporarily relax your muscles. The EPIC is then able to temporarily relieve joint pain and stiffness. Treatment takes approximately 10 minutes for each area, so it’s fast and convenient for people with busy schedules. Patients often come in for a series of 2-6 treatments, once every 2-4 days. Sometimes even fewer treatments are needed.